Software Token Pledge

Pledge is a mobile client used to generate one-time passwords based on the OATH algorithm. Being able to securely access critical data is imperative, but for many organisations the standard authentication method for accessing information is with a username and a password. This is too weak for protecting corporate assets. The mobile client Pledge solves the problem by securing the login with two-factor authentication.

Key Benefits

  • Secures your applications with strong authentication
  • No transaction costs
  • No distribution of hardware tokens needed
  • Multiple profile support
  • Easy deployment
  • Automatic key enrollment
  • Supports the large majority of mobile phones

Pledge turns your mobile device into a security token and it is available for most platforms. The product comes with a full back-end infrastructure for automation of key enrollment and customizable profiles. Instead of using a security token when logging in, you simply use your mobile phone. Using Pledge, you can log in securely to different applications and even sign different services using your cell phone.

To try Pledge for Strong Authentication begin with Downloading the evaluation version of McAfee One Time Password.